Healthy Cooking Tips with Kale

healthy cooking tips with kale

Healthy cooking tips with kale, bok choy, peppers, onions, mushrooms. Click for full size image.

Healthy eating can taste delicious and be an extremely rewarding experience.

The delicious dish to your right was prepared using fresh vegetables from Joe Caputo & Sons, namely red & orange peppers, kale, baby bok choy, red onions, garlic & portabella mushrooms.

You’ll need to prepare the food by washing the kale and other vegetables under cold water (avoid using soap).

Once all is clean, chop up the vegetables with a sharp knife on a cutting board (or paper plate).

The onion and garlic will need chopped and the sticky coating on the outside peeled off.

First, lightly coat the bottom of your stainless steel skillet with olive oil, and pre-heat for 30 seconds (put a lid on your skillet so the oil doesn’t get all over your stove).

Next, add your firmest vegetables, peppers and onions. Once these have simmered on medium-low heat for a couple minutes, add your kale, baby bok choy, garlic and other vegetables.

Stir often and keep covered.

Add a pinch of sea salt and pepper if desired. Stir.

Once everything is in the skillet, heat for another 4-5 minutes on low-medium heat until everything looks cooked. Try a pepper to make sure it’s done to your liking (be careful not to burn yourself).

Once this beautiful dish is complete, heat (microwave) some BBQ chicken on a separate plate (we like the already-prepared BBQ chicken from Sam’s Club).

Put the warmed chicken inside a whole wheat wrap, and microwave the chicken inside the wrap for another 15-20 seconds (heats up the wrap).

Add your vegetables inside your wrap and ENJOY!


  • red & orange peppers
  • kale
  • baby bok choy
  • red onions
  • garlic
  • portabella mushrooms
  • olive oil
  • mediterranean sea salt
  • pepper
  • whole wheat wrap
  • BBQ chicken

Let us know what you think of this healthy eating recipe by leaving your comments below. Thanks!

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